Students who are assigned to a school but do not attend regularly can be enrolled in a Virtual School within Aeries however, reported as attending the "assigned" school using the Home Reporting School (STU.HS) field. The Reporting Home School field can be used in certain situations to have CALPADS extracts report the student as if they were enrolled in the school populated in this field. It should ONLY be used in a Virtual School environment where the students need to be reported as if they were enrolled at their home school. When populated, the Reporting Home School value will be pulled into the Attendance (ATT) and Enrollment (ENR) tables. This should NOT be used on concurrently enrolled students.

The Home Reporting School option is sometimes used when districts want students enrolled in a Virtual School for Long Term Independent Study. Students enrolled in Long Term Independent Study will continue to be reported as enrolled in their home school. For more information see:  Long Term Independent Study.

Typically, a Virtual School is created.  

  • In School Options (LOC) the County, District and School CDS number will not be populated and will be blank. There will be no CDS number associated with the Virtual School.  

  • The school entered as a Home Reporting School (STU.HS) field needs to be a school within Aeries (LOC) and contain a valid CDS number.

  • Enroll the student in the Virtual School.

  • Populate the Home Reporting School (STU.HS) field in Student Demographics | Student Data 2 using the student's "assigned" school.

  • When populated, the Home Reporting School (STU.HS) field will reflect the student's "assigned" school and will be used for CALPADS submission extracts.

  • When obtaining any CALPADS extracts, the Virtual School and all home schools ("assigned") must be selected in the CALPADS Schools tab. 

  • If students will receive a transcript, each teacher must have at least one section (placeholder section) in the master schedule.  The teacher's section number must be entered in Transcripts (HIS) for all courses taken with the teacher and will display when the More button is clicked. This insures that the course information will be extracted in the CALPADS submissions.
  • To populate exit codes for when a student withdraws from a virtual school, see: EOY2:  CALPADS Student Withdrawal Data Population Chart