School Options

If you have a Long Term Independent Study School that is set up separately, the School Options page should be configured correctly.  The school should be set as School Type as Elementary with Master, Attendance Type as Daily and Attendance Reporting Type of Negative.

Note:   If wanting to use the Post by Attendance by Month options in Portal Options for Teacher Attendance, the Attendance Reporting Type would need to be set to Positive.   Refer to Independent Study - Teacher Attendance article.

Reporting Home School

If you have a Long Term Independent Study School that is set up separately you do not need to populate the Student Attendance Program (STU.SP). The Reporting Home School (STU.HS) field will need to be populated in this case. 

The Reporting Home School field is located on the Student Demographics page on the Student Data 2 tab.

If the Reporting Home School field (STU.HS) on Student Data 2 tab is populated, the following message will display.  This message indicates that the student’s enrollment needs to be updated to match the Student Demographics.

Click the mouse on the Update Attendance button at the bottom of the form to remove the populate the Reporting Home School into the student’s enrollment.  The Attendance Program Change form will display.  Verify the enter and leave dates and click on the OK button.