Attendance can be entered by month for teachers using the Teacher Portal.   This option is only available to schools set up as Elementary w/Master-Positive Attendance. 

The System Administrator must configure the schools Portal Options to allow Post Attendance by Month

This option will allow teachers to take attendance on a monthly basis.  Teachers can click on the check mark for each day to enter the Present code.

The absence codes also must be configured correctly in Portal Options when using Post Attendance by Month for an Independent Study school. 

Under the Attendance Codes section, the Unverified Absent (usually “A”) should be populated with the Incomplete Independent Study absent code.  In the example below the Absent/Incomplete code is an “N”.

The Present (usually “P”) should be populated with the Complete Independent Student absent code.  In the example below the Present/Complete code is a “Q”.

# Days Teachers Can Back Post Attendance field is treated in months when the Post Attendance by Month is turned on.  When Tardy is not populated it will not appear on the form.

Allow teachers to override verified absences should be selected.

The Portal Option of Mark Absent if Not Present will allow teachers to mass add the Absent/Incomplete codes to all students in the class by clicking on the box at the top of the attendance date. 

The check boxes in the date column will populate a Present/Complete code for the student.

NOTE:  The Post Attendance by Month option is only intended for Long Term Independent Study type of schools.  This option will disable the logging of Attendance Submits.