The Attendance Dashboard is designed to display a snapshot of information from student attendance data compiled into an Attendance Trend graph. This graph will only display for schools with Attendance Enrollment and is not available in the District database. This page has been updated to include schools using Flex Scheduling.

A header labeled Filters and Options will display at the top and will be collapsed by default. Use the down arrow on the far right hand side to expand the Date Range filter. Any date range can be entered to display attendance data, however, it is recommended to limit the range to reduce the data displayed for a smaller scale. Once a date range has been modified, select the Generate Dashboards button to update the graph.

The Results - Attendance Trend will display the number of students with attendance enrollment by date. Attendance enrollment labels will display on the left and dates selected in the date range will display at the bottom. The graph has a breakdown of the number of student's present according to the ATT.AL field and a breakdown of the student's gender. 

The second graph will break down the total number of absences, period tardies, excused absences and unexcused absences. These categories are determined by the attendance type in the (ABS) Update Absence Code table. The attendance data included in the graph will pull from the ATT table for regular schools or CAT table for Flex Schools. A table grid will also display the matching information listed on the Attendance Trend graph.

Hover over the graph marker to display the information.

Graph lines can be toggled on or off by selecting the label at the bottom of the graph. When a graph line has been removed, it will display grey and will no longer be visible in the graph until the page is reloaded.