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The Mass Update Attendance Enrollment page allows users to mass update special program fields from the Student Demographics page which will instantly update Attendance Enrollment and Enrollment History data. Since the Mass Update Attendance Enrollment page holds all pertinent fields needed when updating students in and out of programs, the need to manually perform the update attendance enrollment functions one student at a time is no longer necessary.  

Students can be added to the list of students that will be updated by using various available filters. The update process will perform the selected changes which impact STU, ATT, and ENR data related to attendance enrollment. A confirmation email is sent when the process completes. If there are students who are not updated, an additional email is sent with a summary of excluded students.

For traditional Elementary school types, the process also includes the ability to mass update teachers in STU.CU. See example 3 below. 

NOTE:  Elementary w/MST and Secondary school types do not support mass updating teachers in STU.CU. This form is only available in schools and is hidden from Navigation in the District.


The following security settings are the minimum requirements in order to use the Mass Update Attendance Enrollment page. Full permissions to the following tables may already exist for users who perform other attendance clerk duties.


Mass Update
View page and
Update records
Mass Update
View page and
Update records

Filters and Options  

Student Selection

On the Student Selection, a variety of options are available to find and add students to be included in the mass update process.

  • Enter grade to search if not all: Select a grade, if needed, from the dropdown. If selected, the list of students will be restricted to that grade level. Note that selecting a grade does not automatically add all students in that grade to the list. If a student is searched and does not belong to the filtered grade level, a 'Data not found.' message will display.
  • By Section: If By Section is selected, click inside the selection field below to display a dropdown of sections in the MST. A section number, course name, or teacher name can be typed in to filter the dropdown accordingly. When a section is clicked, a blue section tile will be displayed in the selection field. Multiple sections can be added by repeating the search process.
  • By Student Group: If available, a list of groups created for the school will appear in the dropdown. 
  • Load Skip/Keep Students: If a SKIP or KEEP query is in effect, the students can be added to the list of students by clicking the Add To List button. A link to the Query page is available along with a note guiding the user to perform the KEEP/SKIP on the query page, close the Query tab, and immediately click on the Add To List button.

  • By Student ID/Name: Student names or Student ID numbers can be typed or pasted into the selection field. After a minimum of three letters or numbers are entered, the selection field will filter based on the data entry, and display a dropdown of students to choose from. Multiple blue tiles displaying Student ID numbers can be added during the search process. Students can be removed from the selection field by clicking the X within their ID tile. Click into the field after the displayed student and repeat the steps to add more students. Once all students have been added, click the Add to List button to add the students to the Selected Students list. 
  • By Scan Student ID: Use a barcode scanner to scan student's ID card barcodes. Once scanned, each student is automatically added to the list of students. 
  • By Special Program: Students tagged with an available code defined in STU.SP can be added.

Student List - Filters and Options  

Students added to the list will appear at the bottom of the page. An X will appear in the first column where individual students can be removed if clicked. The Clear List button will remove the entire list of students.

Each column has a filter that can be used to filter for specific criteria. Using the filters will not ignore the students during the update process.  

The View Enrollment button will display a popup with the attendance enrollment records for a quick view of the student's current enrollment.


Mass Update Options  

The following options for Special Program (SP), Attendance Program 1 (AP1), and Attendance Program 2 (AP2) will update the fields found on the Demographics page (STU).

Leaving these fields set to 'Not Selected' will ignore existing values during the update process. 

Leave Date will default to today's date when loading the page but can be edited.

Reason will default to code 440 - Program or Grade Change but can be changed if desired.

Enter Date will default to the next school day but can be edited.

Reason will default to 'Not Selected' but can be changed if desired.

The Mass Update Attendance Enrollment button will ask the user to confirm prior to beginning the update process.

A message will display in the upper right corner after the update process has begun and an email will be sent when the process has completed.

The confirmation email will contain details of the options as well as Student IDs impacted.

When students are excluded from the process, typically due to Enter/Leave date conflicts, an additional email is sent with the list of Student IDs.


1. A group of students in a secondary school must be exited from Regular program with a 440 attendance program change and will be adding them into the Independent Study program. The process will populate their STU.SP field with the selected Independent Study code used in the Mass Update Options. 

After the process is run, the Attendance Enrollment records and Enrollment History records are updated for each student accordingly.

2. A few students in a secondary school will exit the I/S program on the same day due to a cancelation request and will be returned to Regular program. The update process will properly use the 'B' Ent/Lv code to exit the students.

3. In an traditional Elementary school, a group of students can have a change in teacher performed using this page. The Teacher dropdown is only available in a traditional elementary school type and a program change may accompany the update process, if needed.

NOTE: After running the Mass Update Attendance Enrollment process, it is recommended that the Attendance Audit Listing report be reviewed.