Important system tasks and processes are located on the Administrative Functions page. Filter Pages by "administrative functions" or navigate to School Info > Functions > Administrative Functions.


A user will need Admin permissions to the Administrative Functions security area to use the page.

As Functions are run, the Last Run date will appear:

Current Functions

Update USYSGCOD (Fixed Codes) Table: This process will populate the USYSGCOD table with the current fixed codes definitions. When fixed codes are added or updated in Aeries revisions, this update should be run. Revision Notes, available from the Aeries support website, will describe the release of any additions or updates to fixed codes. 

Launch Fix ENR Process: This process will compare EVERY student’s attendance against the ENR table (Enrollment History) to verify that the ENR data is correct. Running this function will also collect the previous year’s ENR records (if available in a previous year’s database with the identical database suffix). It is highly suggested that this report be run before various functions such as P1, P2, Pre-ID’s etc. This is a Long Running Process and will send an email upon completion.