The Reset Parent/Student Accounts page provides System Administrators the ability to run a process that resets the passwords for Parents and/or Students in the PWA table and sends an email that includes a link for that account to reset their password.

Basically, this is like the Forgot Password process for an individual account, but done for them.  It should reset each account's password with a random 16-character password (hashed and salted properly) so the account cannot be used until the password is reset.  

The Email Subject and Body can be edited.  You may want to write a message in English and Spanish or other languages.  However, the link message is not translated. 

The process will reset ALL passwords except accounts with a Status (PWA.AST) of 'P' (Pending) and non-Aeries accounts, such as ones in the Google domains that have been configured on the Identity Providers page.  There is also the option to only send an email to accounts that have been used since a specific date, but it should reset all passwords.  You may choose to reset Parents, Students or both.

The "External Parent/Student Portal URL" in the District School Options must be populated for this process to run. The URL should ONLY be the base URL for the Aeries instance, such as "". It should NOT include a page name such as "LoginParent.aspx" 

Security:  Admin only

The page is located under School Info > Portal Management.

At least 1 Account Type must be selected

The Account will receive the email:

And be directed to the New Password screen:


The Reset Passwords process will:

  • Not reset a pending account - PWA.AST = 'P"
  • Not reset a non-Aeries account ex: Google accounts on the Identity Providers page. (only applies to students currently.)
  • Not email users if:
    • Inactive account - PWA.AST = 'I'
    • Expired account - PWA!ED <= today or PWA!XD <= today
    • The option "Only email accounts that have logged in since" is enabled and the Last Login date is prior to the selected date. Only PWA.LDT >= LastAccessedDate selected will receive an email.
  • Update PWA records with the following:
    • Password PWA.PW - 16 characters, salted and hashed
    • Salt PWA.SLT - new salt
    • Hash PWA.HT - 6
    • Password Change Code PWA.PCC - new 20 chars passcode
    • PasswordLastChange PWA.PLC - today's date