This three-hour training provides detailed practices associated with using a Master Schedule at Elementary and/or K-8 schools. This training will include the tasks of Building an Elementary Master Schedule, Scheduling Students, Attendance Monitoring and Grade Reporting Considerations.

Needs of individual districts may vary. For training requests, please email 


Recommended Attendees

  • District Aeries Staff including Aeries Admin
  • School Site Admin Staff including Principals and Assistant Principals
  • School Site Aeries Staff responsible for building the Master Schedule and scheduling students into classes


Expected Outcomes

Upon completing this Aeries training session, attendees will be able to:

  • Determine if Elementary Master Schedule practices viable option for scheduling
  • Setup Attendance Accounting for Elementary Master Schedule
  • Setup Courses for Elementary Master Schedule
  • Understand application differences of using Scheduling Master Schedule (SMS) vs. Master Schedule (MST)
  • Activate a Master Schedule for the current school year
  • Create Master Schedule Sections
  • Create Grade Level Course Packets
  • Schedule Students into Sections
  • Schedule Students using the Classes page
  • Grasp Grade Reporting considerations for Standards Based Grade Reports vs. Grade Reporting
  • Access and generate various reports related to Scheduling Master Schedule and Master Schedule


Scheduling Process Dashboard

Elementary with Master Scheduling Scheduling

Elementary with Master Schedule Overview and Setup

Elementary with Master Schedule Attendance

Elementary with a Master Schedule School Setup for Standards Based Grades

Scheduling Master Schedule Board

Master Schedule Board

Scheduling Setup

Add, Change, Copy or Delete a Section in the Master Schedule

Move, Copy or Drop Students from a Section in the Master Schedule

Add Course Request Packets to a Schedule

Copy Scheduling Result to SEC & MST - School Startup

Quick Start Guide to the Classes Page

Scheduling Reports Listing

Quick Start for Grade Reporting

Scheduling Video Library

Standards Based Grade Reporting - Elementary with Master Schedule Video