The Quick Start Guide for Grade Reporting was created to provide basic steps for the grade reporting process.  In depth documentation is available at the following link:  Grade Reporting

Each grading period, navigate to the Functions node located in Grade Reporting.

There are six steps within the Functions node.

  • For each grading period, perform Function 1-4.
  • For each grading period that needs to be included in Transcripts (HIS), perform Function 1-6.

The day before the grading window is opened: 

    1.  Initialize New Grade Reporting Cycle.

         When initializing for Mark 2, select the Update Grade History (GRH)? option to update Mark 1 in GRH.  

         Continue this process with each new Grade Reporting Cycle.

After grades have been submitted:

    2.  Update Grade Reporting Absence Totals.

    3.  Recompute Grade Reporting GPAs and Class Rank.

    4.  Copy Grades to GRH.

Print Report Cards.  

    *Remember to Copy Report Cards to Report Card History.

When Grades are ready to be copied to Transcripts (HIS):

    5.  Copy Grades to Transcripts.

    6.  Recompute Cumulative GPAs and Class Rank.