If your school setup is Elem w/ MST please refer to the Freshdesk Solution for Elem w/MST

Be sure you have a correct calendar for this school year

Be sure your Term Dates are correct valid school days for all terms used in your SMS

To check the terms you are using, run this query  TOTAL SMS SM BY SM

If those are all set correctly and your schedule (SSS/SMS) is set as needed, you are ready to Copy Scheduling Results to SEC/MST

Choose the option to Click here to continue

This will display a new option to Clear student print tags (STU.PT).  If you have printed Locator Cards from the SMS and want to start from scratch in the MST, then select this option.  If you want to continue without resetting so that you can print "Changes Only" for the Locator Cards, then leave the option off.

Once you are sure that your settings for your school and students are correct, you are ready to start Attendance at your school.  Please see the Freshdesk Solutions for Initializing ATT/CAR.