After the SMS has been created and students have been assigned to sections, the SSS and SMS are copied (or "rolled") to SEC and MST. This should be undertaken after most or all of scheduling is completed. If your school is an Elem w/ MST please refer to the Elementary with Master Schedule Scheduling documentation.

Always Make a Backup Before Copying the Scheduling Results to SEC and MST.

To copy the SSS and SMS to SEC and MST, a user needs Admin permissions to the MST and SEC tables, and at least Read permissions to the SSS and SMS tables. 

Before the SMS is rolled to the MST, confirm Calendar and Term dates. To view the number of records (sections) in the SMS by term, run the following query:  TOTAL SMS SM BY SM

If the numbers are correct, navigate to Scheduling | Functions | Copy Scheduling Results to SEC/MST.

A warning message will display. Copying the SMS to the MST will:

  • Delete all current student classes (SEC)
  • Copy students' scheduled sections from SSS to the SEC table
  • Copy the SMS table to the MST table
  • Set the scheduling tables (SSS and SMS) to inactive

Check the Click here to continue checkbox.

Further options may be displayed, depending upon your setup. 

Clear Student Print Tags

An option to Clear student print tags (STU.PT) may be displayed. If Locator Cards were printed in the SMS, selecting Clear student print tags (STU.PT) will remove the print tags (so printing "Changes Only" will not be available after the roll). If Locator Cards were printed in SMS and this option is not selected (print tags are not cleared), when printing Locator Cards in MST the option to print "Changes Only" will remain available.

Reactivate Sections

If the SMS contains any inactive sections, the page will prompt you to decide what to do with those inactive sections: leave them inactive, reactivate them, or activate certain sections depending upon their status tag values. If your SMS does not contain inactive sections, these choices will not be displayed.