Flex Class Calendars are a feature that allows adding multiple calendars to later be assigned to various sections. The Class Calendar records can be customized to use specific days of the week while accounting for school holidays as stored in the DAY table.

Users who will be adding, modifying, and deleting Class Calendars will need full rights to table CCL. The Class Calendar Details (CCD) table will inherit the security assigned to CCL and will not be visible on the Security page.

NOTE: Prior to creating Flex Class Calendars, the school Calendar must be created and a "Year" Term added.

To access the Flex Class Calendars page, filter by Flex or navigate to Attendance Accounting > Configurations > Flex Class Calendars.  

The checkbox 'Only the current year.' will be turned on by default and will display calendars assigned to the current academic year. Uncheck the box to view the previous academic year or next academic year records if they exist.

Creating a Flex Class Calendar

Click on the Add New Record button and add the following fields:

  • Academic Year - A drop-down selection displaying the prior year, current year, and next year.
  • Short Title - Input field that will display on the section in MST and SMS. (Cannot be blank)
  • Description - Input field for additional information about the calendar. (Optional)

Once the Class Calendar is created, the bottom half of the screen will display the dates from the school calendar.

Click on Edit Calendar to activate the calendar dates, select or deselect individual dates to add or remove from the class calendar, then click on Disable Editing to lock the dates. 

The Mark Many Dates button will allow mass selecting of days of the week for a specific date range. 

The 'Skip no-school days' option will ignore Holidays as defined on the school calendar.

In this example, I want to mark Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the school year while skipping the school holidays. 

Click the Mark Dates button and watch the background as the calendar dates highlight in green and then click on Close when done.

The Clear Dates button will clear many dates based on the days selected while honoring the Skip no-school days check box.