Flex Scheduling is a feature of Aeries intended for use by early adopters and can only be turned on by a System Administrator. Please contact Aeries Support for information on enabling this feature for your district.

The following will need to be set up before using the Flex Scheduling features:

  • After contacting support to enable Flex Scheduling, change the Scheduling Type to 'Flexible' on the School Options page. The Use Staff In Sections field will be selected by default. Navigate to the Flex Scheduling - School Options Setup support page for more information.
  • Ensure that the school has a calendar set up (DAY) and a "Year" term defined (TRM).
  • When Flex Scheduling is enabled, the school Calendar will now display an additional dropdown below each day of the year with the ability to assign a custom bell schedule to that day.
  • Set up Flex Class Calendars and Flex Periods on their respective pages.
  • Ensure all teachers have been added into the staff (STF) table.
  • When ready to begin scheduling, select 'Use Flex Scheduling for Next Year' on the Scheduling Setup page. Navigate to the Flex Scheduling - Scheduling Setup support page for more information.

NOTE: The values for these settings are stored in cache and can take up to 15 minutes to refresh throughout the system.

General Information

Flex Scheduling allows school sites to build a master schedule using new features such as Flex Class Calendars, Flex Periods, and the ability to associate multiple staff members to a section while still designating one person as a primary teacher.

The current features allow for the setup and configuration of Flex Scheduling as well as copying the Scheduling Master to Master Schedule. Future enhancements will be made to update the ability to schedule all students, supporting course requests as well as updating all scheduling and attendance reports.

NOTE: It is important to maintain the STF table updated as Flexible Scheduling uses this table to allow staff to be assigned to sections. 

Master Schedule/Scheduling Master

The Master Schedule and Scheduling Master pages will display new fields while hiding others used in traditional Secondary scheduling. New fields displayed are Flex PeriodFlex Class Calendar, and a new section for Section Staff Members which will read from the Staff table.

The following fields will be hidden from the form when the Flex Scheduling feature is enabled.

  • Period
  • Block
  • Split Term
  • Days ( M, T, W, Th, F)
  • Teacher ( #1, #2 #3 )
  • HQ (#1, #2, #3)
  • Multi Teacher

Flex Class Calendars

Multiple Flex Class Calendars can be added and assigned to various sections. The Flex Class Calendar records can be customized to use specific days of the week while accounting for school holidays as stored in the DAY table.

NOTE: Prior to creating Flex Class Calendars, the school Calendar must be created and a "Year" Term added.

Flex Periods

Flex Periods can be created with start and end times which will then be assigned to particular sections in the master schedule. Times listed under the Flex Periods Per Bell Schedules section can be modified and assigned to particular days of the year such as Minimum Days. Assigning the modified Flex Period Bell Schedules takes place on the school calendar page.


When Flex Scheduling is enabled, the school calendar no longer displays the bell icons to the left of the date, now each day of the year has a dropdown with the ability to assign a Flex Period Bell Schedule to that day. Permission to update the DAY table is required for this action.