Flex Scheduling is a feature of Aeries intended for use by early adopters and can only be turned on by a System Administrator. Please contact Aeries Support for information on enabling this feature for your district. 

After enabling Flex Scheduling for your district, a new option will display under the Scheduling Type field called 'Flexible'. When this option is selected, new pages will display in the navigation menu for Class Calendars and Flex Periods

Note: Changing the Scheduling Type to 'Flexible' will also change the view of both the Master Schedule and Scheduling Master pages. Early adopters who will transition to Flex Scheduling in the next school year, should switch the Scheduling Type in the new year database. Otherwise, follow the Scheduling Setup procedure to setup Flex Scheduling using the current year database where regular scheduling took place. 

Use Staff In Sections is a new field that will display for all schools and is an option to turn on when other scheduling types are selected. It is on by default when the Scheduling Type is set to 'Flexible'. 

Schools who choose to continue regular scheduling but would like to assign teachers/staff to schedules from Staff records (STF table) can turn on this option to assign Section Staff Members to the Master Schedule page (SSE table).

Values for Scheduling Type are stored in LOC.E and the Use Staff in Sections flag is stored in OPT with name 'SchedUseStaff'.

NOTE: The values for these settings are stored in cache and can take up to 15 minutes to refresh throughout the system.