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Note that certain student programs can be reported using this page, or using a page and table specific for that program (for example, Special Education and the CSE table, 504 and the FOF table, GATE and the GTE table, and Career Pathways and the CPW table). 

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Certain fields are only displayed after the associated program has been selected. For example, the Unaccomp Youth field is only displayed for the Homeless program, as shown below:


Certain programs have a Program Type field:

The Parental Permission and Alt Lang Prgrm fields are displayed for PGM.CD = 145, 146, and 147 (Bilingual/ESL Summer, Bilingual Program, English as a Second Language (ESL)):

Aeries Field NameAeries Table.FieldTEDS Element IDTEDS Data ElementTEDS XML NameCodeSetComment
Program CodePGM.CD
Program CodePGM.CDE1337PROGRAM-TYPEProgramTypeDC096
Program CodePGM.CDE1629RESIDENTIAL-FACILITY-INDICATORTX-ResidentialFacilityIndicator
PGM.CD = 407
TX-GiftedAndTalentedC088PGM.CD = 127; GTE record also used
Program CodePGM.CDE0829SGL-PARENT-SGL-PREG-WOMAN-CODETX-SingleParentSinglePregnantWomanCodeC064PGM.CD = 163
Program CodePGM.CDE0894TITLE-I-PART-A-INDICATOR-CODETX-TitleIPartAIndicatorC122PGM.CD = 121 ESEA/NCLB Title I Part A -- School Wide
PGM.CD  = 122 NCLB Title I Part A Basic Targeted
Program CodePGM.CDE0984MIGRANT-INDICATOR-CODETX-MigrantIndicatorC088PGM.CD = 135 Indicates whether the student (ages 3-21) or the student's parent, spouse, or guardian is a migratory agricultural worker, including a migratory dairy worker, or a migratory fisher

TX-OutOfWorkforceIndividualC088PGM.CD = 164
Program CodePGM.CDE1076UNSCHOOLED-ASYLEE/REFUGEE-CODETX-UnschooledAsyleeRefugeeIndicatorC183PGM.CD = 406. PGM.TY = 1 is "Refugee" and PGM.TY = 2 is "Asylee". Indicates whether a student's initial enrollment in a school in the United States in grades 7 through 12 was as an unschooled asylee or refugee
Program CodePGM.CDE1432PREGNANCY-RELATED-SERVICESTX-PregnancyRelatedSvcsC088PGM.CD = 162
Program CodePGM.CDE1528FOSTER-CARE-INDICATOR-CODETX-FosterCareIndicatorC196PGM.CD = 190 indicates whether a student is in the conservatorship of the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) currently, or for certain students that were previously in the conservatorship of DFPS.
Program CodePGM.CDE1529MILITARY-CONNECTED-STUDENT-CODETX-MilitaryConnectedStudentIndicatorC197PGM.CD = 192 and PGM.TY codes indicates a student enrolled in a school district or open-enrollment charter school who is a dependent of a member of the United States military service in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard on active duty, the Texas National Guard, or a reserve force of the United States military.
Program CodePGM.CDE1530DYSLEXIA-INDICATOR-CODETX-DyslexiaIndicatorC088PGM.CD = 400 indicates whether a student is identified as having dyslexia or related disorders
Program CodePGM.CDE1603SECTION-504-INDICATOR-CODETX-Section504IndicatorC088PGM.CD = 101; FOF record also used
Alt Lang PrgmPGM.ALPE1642
ALTERNATIVE-LANGUAGE-PROGRAM-CODETX-AlternativeLanguageProgramC221Displayed if PGM.CD = 145, 146, 147
Program CodePGM.CD
E1644DYSLEXIA-RISK-CODETX-Dyslexia-RiskCodeC222PGM.CD = 399
Program CodePGM.CDE1559T-STEM-INDICATOR-CODETX-TSTEMIndicatorC088PGM.CD = 403 indicates whether a student is enrolled in Texas Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (T-STEM) Academy; LOC.STI is school-wide record
Program CodePGM.CDE1522EARLY-READING-INDICATOR-CODETX-EarlyReadingIndicatorC195PGM.CD = 402 indicates whether a student is reading on grade level or is not reading on grade level as a result of reading difficulties or having dyslexia as indicated by the administered reading instrument.  Applies to grades KG, 01, and 02 only.
Parental PermissionPGM.PPE0896PARENTAL-PERMISSION-CODETX-ParentalPermissionC093Displayed for PGM.CD = 145, 146, 147. If PGM.PP = C, 7, 8, then TX-ESL / TX-Bilingual will be reported as '0' and TX-AlternativeLanguageProgram will be reported as '00.'
Start DatePGM.PSD

Date ranges are not currently directly reported, but are used for program membership.

Date ranges are not currently directly reported, but are used for program membership.
Services ReceivedPGS.SR
E1650DYSLEXIA-SERVICES-CODETX-DyslexiaServicesCodeC224If PGM.CD = 400
TX-CrisisIndicatorC178If PGM.CD = 404 the PGM.CRI Crisis Indicator Code will display
Program CodePGM.CDE1082HOMELESS-STATUS-CODETX-HomelessStatusC189PGM.CD = 191 plus PGM.HDT indicates the homeless program
Homeless Dwelling TypePGM.HDTE1082HOMELESS-STATUS-CODETX-HomelessStatusC189PGM.CD = 191 plus PGM.HDT indicates the homeless program
Unaccomp YouthPGM.UYE1084UNACCOMPANIED-YOUTH-STATUS-CODETX-UnaccompaniedYouthStatusC192PGM.CD = 191 plus PGM.UY code indicates the student is Unaccompanied Youth