If a student does not return to school and their enrollment status is Unknown, the student must be inactivated with an Exit Reason of E140 - NoKnownEnrollTruant in Attendance Enrollment (ATT.RS) after a minimum of three school days of unexcused absences. 

Students who are exited with an Attendance Reason (ATT.RS) of E140 represent potential drop outs for a district that could be included in the Cohort Graduation Rate Calculation.  Every attempt should be made to locate these students and update their CALPADS enrollment record.  Using a unique Status Tag (STU.TG) and Status Code Color Assignment will help to easily identify these students.

For more information see the following:

No Show Guidelines Chart

No Show Overview

Displayed below is an example of a student exited with an Attendance Reason (ATT.RS) of E140.  In this example, a Status Tag (STU.TG) of "U" was entered and the Status Code Color Assignment is purple instead of yellow.  This indicates that the student is a potential drop out and any communication and/or records request from another school may provide the information needed to update the CALPADS enrollment record for the district.