If a student does not return to school and their enrollment status is Unknown, the student must be inactivated with an Exit Reason of E140 - NoKnownEnrollTruant in Attendance Enrollment (ATT.RS) after a minimum of three school days of unexcused absences. 

Students who are exited with an Attendance Reason (ATT.RS) of E140 represent potential drop outs for a district that could be included in the Cohort Graduation Rate Calculation.  Every attempt should be made to locate these students and update their CALPADS enrollment record.  Using a unique Status Tag (STU.TG) and Status Code Color Assignment will help to easily identify these students.

Districts can create a Status Tag (STU.TG) and apply a Status Code Color Assignment to help identify and monitor potential dropout students.  

The potential dropout students can be queried by the Status Tag (STU.TG) and the unique Status Code Color Assignment will remind users that the student was reported as a potential dropout.  If there is any contact with the student or another district regarding the student's enrollment, the student's enrollment status in CALPADS can be updated.

In the example below, the student was enrolled in the prior school year and E155 Code had been submitted to CALPADS.  The student did not return and their enrollment status is unknown.  The student is exited with a Status Tag (STU.TG) = U and has a minimum of three unexcused absences.  

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