Session Description

In the “Advanced Query,” participants delve into complex queries and gain and understanding of Aeries Table Relations. This session is designed to provide valuable tips for crafting complex queries and utilizing the Database Table Information Report or Tables and Fields Descriptions effectively.   

Session Content

In this session, participants will: 

  • Acquire an understanding of the process for building complex query statements and applying math operations 

  • Discover the concepts of using dates and distinguishing between null and blank values in a query 

  • Comprehend how to compare the Change Button and Change Command in Aeries, and learn how to export data from Aeries to a file 

  • Master advanced query skills to retrieve and analyze data efficiently in Aeries 

  • Troubleshoot and apply strategies to address query errors effectively 

Other Data Tools:

  • Using the Custom Report Builder is a far easier way to output program involvement and other sub groups.
  • Analytics is another friendlier way to dig in to data. You can drill down by any other sub group far easier than having to be adept at a query language.
  • SQL queries & SQL views used to depict a lot of relational data on one line:

Aeries Query Expansion through SQL views:

Link to SQL Query:

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