Session Description

In “Class Schedule Maintenance,” participants will learn essential skills and techniques for effectively managing class schedules and maintaining accurate student records. All scheduling workshops will feature Flex Scheduling, a comprehensive scheduling tool. This course is ideal for school administrators, guidance counselors, and education professionals involved in student scheduling.  

Session Content

In this session, participants will: 

  • Comprehend essential skills and techniques required for effectively managing class schedules and maintaining accurate student records 

  • Discover feature of the Student Classes page and understand procedures for scheduling new students 

  • Recognize and locate options for scheduling new students and utilizing Course Request Packets in student scheduling 

  • Learn how to apply scheduling changes in a student schedule and mass move students to new classes 

  • Process procedures for scheduling new students  

  • Examine and select the assorted options for printing student schedules and reports related to student scheduling 

Related Documentation

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Class Schedule Maintenance Folder (including articles on various scheduling related topics)

Move, Copy or Drop Students from a Section in the Master Schedule (moving groups of students from one section to another)

Scheduling Reports (including Locator Cards and the Course Attendance Audit report)

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