Session Description

In “Multi-Table Queries,” participants will gain the skills to build complex query statements using multiple tables and fields. This session provides an advanced understanding of Aeries Tables Relations, allowing participants to define and utilize multiple tables and fields effectively in queries. Additionally, participants learn how to leverage the Database Table Information Report to enhance the query-building process. This course is ideal for database administrators, data analysts, and staff seeking to enhance their query-building skills.  

Session Content

In this session, participants will:  

  • Acquire an understanding of various techniques for building complex query statements using multiple tables and fields 

  • Discover the process of sorting data in ascending or descending order to meet specific reporting needs 

  • Recall and explain common query errors and how to address them effectively 

  • Discuss the importance of constructing intricate queries to extract valuable insights from a database. 

  • Acquire skills to identify and resolve issues that may arise during the query-building process 

User supplied queries can be found on the website in the Sample Queries/Query Banks.

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