Session Description

“Parent and Student Account Management” is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the features, benefits, and requirements of using the Parent and Student Account Management System to implement parent and student accounts within the Aeries Student and Parent portals. This course is ideal for administrators, educators, and IT professionals who are responsible for managing and supporting the Aeries Student and Parent portals. 

Session Content

In this session, participants will:

  • Understand the various Aeries tables and fields associated with Portal Account management, including how to manage password security of student portal accounts

  • View and compare the different methods of creating parent accounts, such as VPC method configuration and auto create method configuration

  • Learn the process for mass creating portal accounts

  • Explore how to use queries to reset single passwords for parent accounts in the Aeries Student and Parent portals

  • Identify and access the Portal Usage Log to track and monitor parent account activity

  • Discover management and troubleshooting steps in the Parent Account Management System, such as changing a student account to a parent account

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