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Aeries Communications Integration


Parents and Students can subscribe to Weekly Progress Report emails in the Parent/Student Portal. These emails contain current Attendance and Gradebook information.

Example of a Weekly Progress email


Parent Notification Preference (PNP)Read - Parent and Student Portal GroupsPortal Users can view and Subscribe to Progress emails
Weekly Progress Email SetupAdmin Only


Navigate to School Info > Configurations > Weekly Progress Email Setup 

To enable this option in for your District, click Start Weekly Progress Email Process. This creates the ProgressReportEmail Scheduled Process on the Reporting Server

Weekly Progress Email Setup options

Send Progress Emails From - The 'From' address for Weekly Progress emails.  For deliverability, it is recommended that this be a real email address which is our recommendation for all 'From' email addresses.

Enable "Send Now" function for Parent/Student Portal' displays a button in Parent Notification Preferences that the Portal User can use to send the email on-demand.  However, no reports are sent during 'Quiet Hours'.

Parent Notification Preferences showing Send Now button

Once enabled there is an additional option to Update Weekly Progress Email Processing Information. This button ensures the ProgressReportEmail Scheduled Process on the Reporting Server is using the current year database (DbYear).  Normally this would be done shortly after the New Year rollover.

Update Weekly Progress Email Processing Information

Disable Weekly Progress Email Process disables the ProgressReportEmail Scheduled Process on the Reporting Server.

Portal Users

When Parents log into the Portal a Notification prompting them to sign up for Weekly Progress emails appears in the Notifications , if they have not already done so.

Parent Portal reminder to subscribe to weekly emails

An option labeled Parent Notification Preferences also displays in the drop-down menu when Parents click on their username in the upper right-hand corner. This allows them to sign up for Weekly Progress Report emails for a preferred day and time and adjust their notification preferences at any time.

Parent Notification Preferences accessible from drop down menu

Parent Notification Preferences options 

Each time the User logs into the Portal, there is a reminder of the Date and Time they are set to receive the emails.

Reminder to users they are subscribed to weekly emails

This is a sample Weekly Progress email:

Sample Weekly Progress email

The email also includes a link to the Aeries Parent Portal.

Aeries Communications Integration

For Aeries Communications customers, the Weekly Progress report is delivered via the Aeries Communications platform according to the Parent's notification preferences. The email content is identical to that which would be sent to non-Communications customers.