Session Description

“Gradebook for Elementary Schools” is designed to provide teachers with a comprehensive understanding of the Aeries Teacher Portal Gradebook and its features specifically designed for elementary schools. Through a detailed review, participants will explore common procedures, reports, data entry, and grade reporting integration in Standards Based Grade Reporting at the elementary level. The course will also highlight the latest gradebook enhancements. 

Session Content

In this session, participants will:

  • Identify the key features and functionalities of the Aeries Teacher Portal Gradebook specifically designed for elementary schools

  • Navigate the Gradebook Dashboard proficiently, locating and accessing the necessary tools and resources

  • Understand the process of creating a new gradebook in the Aeries Teacher Portal, including the options to copy or link existing gradebooks

  • Explore how to use the Aeries Teacher Portal Gradebook to add assignments and input scores accurately and efficiently

  • Submit gradebook grades to report cards within the Aeries Teacher Portal, ensuring accuracy and proper integration

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