Session Description

“Intro to the Parent-Student Portal” provides participants with an understanding of the Aeries Student-Parent Portals. The session will cover essential topics such as setup pages, navigation using the User Interface's Navigation Tree, accessing multiple students' records, utilizing the student calendar, and viewing various forms and reports. Furthermore, participants will learn how to set up Weekly Progress Emails and Alert Thresholds. 

Session Content

In this session, participants will:

  • Identify the setup process in Security, including Portal Groups and Portal Options, to navigate and customize the Parent-Student Portal effectively

  • Discuss login information and explore options to enhance the user experience with the Parent-Student Portal, ensuring participants understand how to access and utilize the platform efficiently

  • Discover the process of making data changes within the Parent-Student Portal, enabling participants to update and modify student information accurately

  • Recognize the various features available in the Parent-Student Portal to monitor student grades, attendance, transcripts, test scores, and other relevant information, allowing participants to effectively track student progress

  • Summarize the concept of Weekly Progress Emails and Alert Thresholds and their significance in student success, demonstrating the ability to set up and utilize these features to receive timely notifications and alerts

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