Session Description

In the “Advanced Gradebook” session, participants will take their gradebook skills to the next level by learning advanced grading techniques in the Aeries Gradebook. This session will cover a range of topics, including Rubric Grading, Formative-Summative Weight Factors, Min-Max Assignment Values, and grading periods not aligned to scheduled semesters.

Session Content

In this session, participants will:

  • Discover and understand practical use of gradebook grading enhancements, including Gradebook Custom Marks and Gradebook Custom Colors, Gradebook Options, etc.

  • Comprehend the steps involved in copying gradebooks, importing assignments, and pushing assignments to students in the Aeries Gradebook

  • Discuss the benefits and challenges of integrating Aeries Gradebook with Google Classroom and how this integration can streamline the grading process

  • Learn the process of transferring scores between gradebooks and transferring grades from another teacher, ensuring accurate and efficient grade management

  • Understand the concept of accessing one gradebook for multiple teachers, and discuss the advantages and considerations related to collaborative gradebook management

Note: This session is not an introduction to Aeries Gradebook.  Please attend the Gradebook for Elementary Schools or Gradebook for Secondary Schools sessions prior to attending this session.

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