Gradebook Templates provide the ability for specific teachers to be able to create gradebook templates that become available for other teachers to use when creating their gradebooks. Select teacher accounts can be given the Create Gradebook Templates security permission to be able to create these templates. Permissions for Create Gradebook Templates can be assigned in Security under the Gradebook area. 

A Require Teachers to use Templates when Creating Gradebooks portal option can be enabled that will require teachers to create their gradebooks only from an existing template.

A teacher account can be given the security permission Create Gradebook Templates. With this permission they will be able to create gradebook templates that can be shared within their school or other schools with overlapping grade ranges as well as continue to create gradebooks only for their use. 

Teachers with the Create Gradebook Template permission will see a School Template option when they Add a New Gradebook. When the School Template option is selected, the gradebook the teacher creates will become a template that any teacher is able to select to use when creating a new gradebook. The Gradebook Options, Categories, Assignments, and Final Marks created within the template will be available to the teacher who uses that template in their own gradebook. If the School Template option is not selected the gradebook will only be available for use by the teacher who created the gradebook. 

When the School Template option is selected the Multi-School Template option will display. The teacher creating the template can select this option to make the gradebook available to other schools with overlapping grade ranges.

The Gradebook created as a "School Template" will display to the teacher who created it. The teacher can modify the gradebook name to distinguish gradebook templates from their regular gradebooks. 

Creating a Gradebook from a Template

When a teacher who does not have the Create Gradebook Template security permission adds a new Gradebook they will see a new option Use Existing Template. When this option is selected the teacher will be shown available templates they can select. If they do not select the Use Existing Template option the teacher can continue adding a new gradebook as usual.

If a teacher does not have the Create Gradebook template security permission and the portal option Require Teachers to use Templates when Creating Gradebooks is enabled, the teacher will only see a Templates area when adding a new gradebook. The teacher must then choose a template to use to create their gradebook. 


When creating a gradebook from a template the gradebook name will be set as the Course name of the selected section. The gradebook period will be set as the period for the selected section. The sections listed to associate with the gradebook will continue to be that teacher's sections only. 

After the gradebook is created from a gradebook template, the teacher can continue to make adjustments to their new gradebook such as editing or adding additional Categories, editing or adding additional Assignments, adding Narrative Grades, and adding their Students to their gradebook. 

Please refer to the full Gradebook Documentation for additional information regarding using Gradebooks