Gradebook Option Locking allows users who have security rights to make changes to Portal Options, the ability to lock down items in the Gradebook Areas and the Gradebook Options sections of the Gradebook tab on the Portal Options page. 

Portal Options can be found under School Info -> Portal Management -> Portal Options in the Navigation Menu.

The Gradebook tab can be found on the Portal Options page.  

There are two main sections on Gradebook tab, Options and Lock Options. The Lock Options are located on the lower half of the Gradebook tab. Please refer to the Portal Options - Gradebook documentation for information on the Options section. 

Lock options give a user the ability to lock down options in Gradebook. When a gradebook option in either of these two sections is locked, teachers will not be able to make changes to the locked items in their gradebooks. To lock down any of the options, place a check mark in the check box located to the left of an option. When the Category option is locked, the "Weight Scores of Assignments by Category?" option will also be locked.  When all desired options have been selected click the Save button at the bottom of the page to save all changes. 

The use of Gradebook Templates is suggested when using the Gradebook Locking Options as teachers will not be able to edit any of the locked options in their gradebooks. Gradebook Option Locking does not apply to teachers with security rights to make Gradebook Templates. Teachers with Gradebook Template security rights can continue to create, edit and share Gradebook Templates with other teachers. Please refer to the Gradebook Template documentation for additional information regarding using Gradebook Templates