The Gradebook Custom Marks page allows for District creation of Custom Marks that can be used in Teacher Gradebooks. This page is currently a Feature Flag in Aeries.  Contact the Support department to enable this feature.

The Gradebook Custom Marks Configuration page will display at District level under Grade Reporting | Configurations

The Gradebook Custom Marks Configuration page uses the GCM table. In order for User accounts to be able to access and use the page they need appropriate permissions to the GCM table in Security found under the Gradebook area.

Custom Marks can be added by using the Add Custom Mark button.

An Add Gradebook Custom Marks form will display. The Mark, Title and Type fields are required. The Custom Mark entered must be between 2-6 characters. Restricted marks include TX, NA, any ending with a % and any all numeric marks. The info icon next to the Custom Mark field header displays these requirements.  The Custom mark can not be a Mark already in use in the Gradebook.  

The Title field is used to give the Custom Mark a Title.  A Description can be entered for the Mark. Correspondence Languages can also be defined. Custom Marks can only be deleted if it is a Mark currently not in use.

The Type field is used to identify what type of Custom mark it is. The Type dropdown values are fixed codes. The current available Types are Missing, Placeholder, Quick Points and Temporarily Excused. Selecting the Type of "Quick Points" will display an additional field to define a Percentage for the Quick Point Custom Mark. 

When adding a new Custom Mark the Enabled checkbox defaults on. Marks in use should have the Enabled box checked. If it is decided a Custom Mark should no longer be used the Enabled checkbox can be deselected to disable the Custom Mark. If a Custom mark is disabled the Teacher will no longer be able to use it. If the disabled mark had already been used as a score in a Gradebook it will still calculate correctly. 

After a Custom Mark is added and Saved, in edit mode the Custom Mark will not be able to be modified. The saved Custom Mark field will display in a gray shade. All other fields on the edit form will still be editable. 

Column sorting is available on the Configuration page by clicking on any column header.

Using Custom Marks in Gradebook

After Custom Marks are defined by the District they can be used on the Scores By pages in the Teacher Gradebook. 

The Custom Marks will interact with the Gradebook Scores By pages in the following ways based on their Type.

  • Missing Custom Mark Type - Any Custom Mark with a Type of Missing will count as a Missing Assignment for the student. In addition if the Gradebook option "Apply Assignment Scores Immediately" is enabled or if the Assignment is marked as Grading Complete it will count towards the overall for the student. 
  • Placeholder Custom Mark Type - If the assignment is marked as Grading Not Complete the custom mark will be considered an empty mark. If the assignment is marked as Grading Complete the mark will be considered as NA (Not Applicable).
  • Quick Points Custom Mark Type - This type will be considered a Valid mark. In a Rubric Gradebook it will use the defined percentage as the Rubric points. If the Gradebook is not Rubric then it will be used to calculate the number correct based on the Percentage.
  • Temporarily Excused Custom Mark Type - This Type of mark will be considered like the current TX. 

A Custom Mark Legend displays on the Scores By pages to identify the available Custom Marks. The Gradebook Details page and Gradebook reports will also display the Custom Marks where applicable.