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A new District configuration page has been added to define Gradebook score color highlights. This page can be found at District level by navigating to Grade Reporting > Configurations > Gradebook Custom Colors.  This page can also be found under View All Forms. 

The Gradebook Custom Colors Configuration page will display. This page can be used to define District Custom Gradebook Score colors. 


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In addition to the table noted above users who will be accessing the Gradebook Custom Colors Configuration page will also need access to the District (SC = 0) and the appropriate permissions to the Grade Reporting > Configurations area. 


When setting up Gradebook Custom Color Colors it is important to add custom colors that do not closely resemble the hardcoded colors already in use with Teacher Gradebook. It is also important to set colors that are appropriate for the entire district. These colors are noted at the top of the Custom Colors Configuration page for reference. 

Colors can be set for Score ranges and also Rubric ranges.  Add a Low and High value for each color.

Note:  The Score Range should include the complete mark to account for decimal values.  For example, scores of 89.3 will highlight in pink when 89.9% is the high % as shown in the example above.  It will not highlight if 89% is the High %.

Once District Gradebook Custom Colors are defined, two display options and a legend will display at bottom of Scores By pages in the Gradebook. The two options are Enable Color by Assignment Score which will apply color to the score fields and Enable Color by Overall Score which will apply color to the Overall score of the student. 

Enabling the options is remembered and stored for in the UAO table for each user. 

Below is an example on the Scores By Assignment page with both options enabled. 

The Gradebook Options page has an option to Hide the District Defined Score Color Codes. Selecting this option will hide the color code options at the bottom of the Scores by Pages and will also hide the colors from displaying on the Scores by Pages for the Gradebook. 

If a Gradebook has the Color by score options enabled, the parent portal will be able to view the colors on the Gradebook Details and Gradebook Summary pages.