With a well-developed plan the management of student withdrawal information can produce accurate record keeping.  The CALPADS program compliance requires that a “Student Exit Reason” be stated for students who are considered withdrawn. These codes are specifically identified within the CALPADS File Specifications (CFS) Code Sets. 

No Show withdrawal information is managed uniquely as described in the next section of this document.  For a non-no show or normal student withdrawal process, the data management goal will be to assure that not only will the student be tagged with your local drop status tag on the student screen but additionally be coded with an appropriate Student Exit Category.  Remember - this is a very critical and required data field for accurate identification to the enrollment status of the student for the CALPADS SSID Enrollment file process. 

Audit reports should be included as a normal internal audit process.  These reports will include any students who have issues with the enrollment status between the Student screen and the Attendance Enrollment screen AND/OR whose exit reason code is missing. 

The student screen will also contain the various warnings within the check status field – such as: - Student has L or B leave code with no exit reason code.  Below is an example.

Audit Reports to run:

  • School Level Data personnel should run the Attendance Audit Listing
  • District Level Data personnel should run the Attendance Audit Listing and the Enrollment Audit Listing

Updating CALPADS Student Exit Category Codes – IMPORTANT

Assure that the accurate student exit reason code has been used.  When you need to correct a reason code, the main focus should be on codes that are used to identify the student upon withdrawal.  An important verification should be on the “unknown” exit reasons.  

Once the school has received a request for records or other information that verifies the actual enrollment status of the withdrawn student make sure that you have a process for UPDATING that individual data in either the previous year data and/or current year data.  The newly determined Exit Reason should be corrected wherever the old data exists.

Aeries fields that contain enrollment status data:

  • Attendance Exit Reason
    • ATT.RS field (enrollment area of attendance screen)
  • End of Year Status and End of Year Next School
    • STU.EOY field, STU.ENS
  • Completion Status
  • Summer Withdrawal Reason, Leave Date and Next School STU.SWR  

School Year Withdrawals

All Attendance Leave Records are required to have an Exit Reason (ATT.RS) populated. Verify that the Code Value Translation form is configured correctly for Exit Reasons. Refer to the "Code Value Translation" document for more information.

Regular schools - All records with an Exit Reason (ATT.RS) code of "165" (Involuntary Transfer for Discipline) must have an Attendance Next School (ATT.NS) populated.

Alternative Ed Schools - all records with an Exit Reason code (ATT.RS) code of "160" (Moved Verified in another CA public school) must have an Attendance Next School (ATT.NS) populated.

NOTE: the Next School fields pull from the Course History Institutions table (CHI table). The dropdown list displays CHI records with an ID type of 1 (CDS Number) and a school ID number (right 7 characters of the ID number is not "0000000"). CHI records with an ID type other than 1 will also be displayed.

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