The Career Pathways Management page provides a way to manage Career Technical Education information.

This process provides accountability for California Career Pathways Trust (CCPT) reporting and for CALPADS End of Year CTE Reporting.

This screen, secured by the Career Pathway Courses Security area, allows for quick and effective management of Career Pathway information in Aeries. The screen is available at the District level but it is School based.

Courses assigned to Pathways can be linked and given the appropriate Pathway Level. Students in these courses who have met the criteria can be identified within the Career Pathway Management page and be flagged in mass with the appropriate Participation Level: (Introductory, Level 2 or Completer)

The Career Pathways tab on the Courses page has also been updated to reflect a new design for the Career Pathways Courses (CCP) table.

Data from the old CTE Pathways (CTE) table must be converted to the new Career Pathways CPW and CPH tables by enabling a new option on the District Settings page. Once the District Setting is turned ON, the old CTE Pathways (CTE) table in both Aeries Web and the Aeries Client will be disabled.


Below is an example of the Career Pathways Management page.