New tables have been added to Programs under Security.  Career Pathway Experiences (CPE), Career Pathway History (CPH), and Career Pathway Outcomes (CPO) are now separate security tables in order to enhance and secure the data displayed to Users and Teachers when using the Career Pathways Mass Add Events page.

Users will need the following permissions to have full access to the Career Pathway Management page.  These permission will grant them access to the Select All, Mark As Participants (Introductory) , Mark As Participants (Level 2) and Mark as Participants (Completers) buttons in order to mass add records.

FULL permissions to:

  • Career Pathways (CPW) 
  • Career Pathway History (CPH) 
  • Career Pathway Courses (CCP) 

And at least READ permissions to:

  • Course Data (CRS)
  • Class Schedules (SEC) 
  • Class Schedule History (CAR)
  • Transcripts (HIS)    

Users who only need access to the Career Pathway Management page, but will not be adding records to students, need Read to the tables listed above. This will display the information within the page, but not allow edits.

In order to add Outcomes or Experiences using the Career Pathways Mass Add Events page, users need at least Read permissions to the CPW, CPH, CPO, and CPE tables plus Insert and Update to one or both of the CPO and CPE tables. Teachers will only be able to view their own students' records on the Career Pathways Mass Add Events page, unless they have the Teacher-Specific permission to View All Students in Current School enabled. 

The permissions can be granted to individual Users or to Groups.

When accessing the Career Pathways Mass Add Events page, the following message will appear if the appropriate permissions are not granted to a User or Teacher type account. 

The following Tables and Fields are associated with the Career Pathways pages and can be queried by Admin, User and Teacher type accounts -

Career Pathways Courses – CCP Table

  • CCP.CN – Course ID
  • CCP.CD – Pathway Code
  • CCP.LVL - Level
  • CCP.CO - Comments
  • CCP.RQ - Required

Pathway Details – CPW Table

  • CPW.CD – Career Pathway Code
  • CPW.CM – Completed
  • CPW.CO – Comment

History – CPH Table

  • CPH.AY – Academic Year
  • CPH.SCL – School
  • CPH.CO – Comment
  • CPH.LVL - Course Level

Experiences – CPE Table

  • CPE.TY – Experience Type
  • CPE.SD – Start Date
  • CPE.ED -  End Date
  • CPE.HR – Hours
  • CPE.NM – Company Name
  • CPE.CT – Compensation Type
  • CPE.AM – Compensation Amount
  • CPE.CO – Comment

Outcomes – CPO Table

  • CPO.OC – Outcome
  • CPO.CO – Comment