The Career Pathways Management page displays data related to Career Pathways Codes and provides a quick and easy way to assign Students as Participants (Introductory), Participants (Level 2) and Participants (Completers) for CALPADS Reporting and Pathway completion management.

The Career Pathways Management page can be accessed on the Navigation tree under the Scheduling Process > Configurations node.  The Career Pathways Management page can also be added to My Favorites to provide easy access to the page.

When accessing the Career Pathways Management page, a list of Pathways and Descriptions offered at the School is displayed in alphabetical order. There is an option to Show All Available Pathways.

When accessing the Career Pathways Management page from the District level, a School must be selected. 

The following is an example of the Career Pathways Management page when a code is selected. The top left of the Management page will display the Career Pathway code and description selected, the courses in the Pathway and the Students who have taken a course or courses in the Pathway.

Career Pathways Management - Courses Section

The course section labeled Courses In This Pathway will display courses that are connected to the selected Career Pathway code, whether the course is currently Active or Inactive, the Level in the Pathway, the Sequence they should be taken, and any Comments. In this section, courses can be added or removed from a Pathway. The Require Introductory Course will indicate whether this Pathway requires completion of a Level 1 course. The Add button can be used to link courses to the Pathway code selected.  

Note:  Courses must be managed at the School level. Adding courses at the District Level is not currently supported.

The following fields will display when clicking on the Add button. Courses can be searched by typing in the Course Number or any part of the Course Title. The list will only display CTE courses (State Course Code >= 7000 or <= 8900). The Level will be populated based on the State Course Code assigned to the course. If you change the State Course Code on a course, it will update the Level on the Management Page.

When a course is saved to a pathway, a link is available on the Career Pathways Management page to the Course page.   The Career Pathways tab on the Courses page will now display the Career Pathway code and description.  

Courses can also be added to Pathways on the Courses page by clicking on Add New Record within the Career Pathways tab. This will place the course on the Pathway in the Career Pathways Management page.

Career Pathways Management - Student List 

The All radio button will show all Students who have a course in this Pathway on their Transcript  (HIS) or in their current Class Schedule (SEC), regardless of Level.  

  • The Participants (Introductory) selection will show all Students who are enrolled in or have a completed Level 1 course in HIS or SEC.  
  • The Participants (Level 2) selection will show all Students who are enrolled in or have completed a Level 2 course, whether it is the first course in the Pathway or the second course of a Pathway with a required Level 1 course in HIS or SEC.
  • The Participants (Completer) selection will show Students who have completed all required Level 1 and Level 2 courses (HIS) and are enrolled in or have completed a Level 3 course.

NOTE: If two or more Schools in a District offer the same Pathways, it is strongly recommended that they offer the same courses. If the course offerings differ between Schools for the same Pathway code, the 'Students In This Pathway' list will include courses taken at the other schools.

See the article Using the Career Pathways Management page for instructions on how to identify and mark

Participants (Level 2) and Participants (Completer) students.

  • Name – Student name listed in Last name, First name format as a hyperlink. Clicking on the hyperlink will navigate the User to the Student’s Career Pathways page.
  • ID – This is the Student’s Permanent ID number. All Career Pathway records in Aeries are ID based and the Pathway will travel with the Student if they are to enroll in another School within the District.
  • Grade – This is the student’s current grade level.
  • Introductory Year displays from the Career Pathways History (CPH.AY). This column reflects the academic year the Student took the Introductory Course (if identified).
  • Level 2 Year displays from the Career Pathways History (CPH.AY). This column reflects the academic year the Student took the Concentrator course of the sequence. 
  • Year Completed displays the year Student was marked as a Completer from the Career Pathways History (CPH.AY).  
  • Current Course – displays if the course is in the Student’s current Class Schedule (SEC).
  • Completed Course(s) – displays course information from the Transcript (HIS) including the Mark, Credits Completed, Year, Term, and Course Level (CCP.LVL)

Any course listed on the page, regardless of the level, where the Student earned zero (0) credits completed will display in red. 

Completer Level courses (CCP.LVL = 3) with a Mark less than a "C-" will display in red. 

Spring 2019-20 Changes

The Career Pathways Management page has been updated to display completer level courses with non-traditional marks and completed credits (HIS.CC) = 0 in red during terms impacted by COVID-19. Any completer level course in transcripts (HIS) with the following criteria will display in red:

Transcript Terms (HIS.TE)

  • Spring 2019-20  (Transcript Definition terms that will be treated as courses taken during the end of the 2019-20 school year are H5, H6, Q4, S2, T3 and SS)
  • Summer following the Spring 2019-20 term

Transcript Years (HIS.YR)

  • 2019-20 for the Spring term
  • Either 2019-20 or 2020-21 for the Summer term following the 2019-20 Spring term depending on the College Entrance Requirements Option "Does the School Year on HIS records change for the Summer following an academic year?". If this option is not selected, then the modified display will be applied to the 2019-20 Summer transcript records for CTE completer courses. If the option is selected then the modified display will be applied to the 2020-21 Summer transcript records for CTE completer courses.

Transcript Mark (HIS.MK)

  • non-traditional grade (ex. "P" for Pass, "CR" for Credit , or "NC" for No Credit)

Transcript Credits Completed (HIS.CC)

  • Credits Completed > 0