The Courses page has a Career Pathways tab to link a course to a Career Pathway. 

The Career Pathways tab has been updated to reflect a new design for the CCP table. The new design of this table makes the information school-based and replaces the old Completer flag with a Level field of Intro, Concentrator, Completer, or Academic Support.

The Career Pathways information can be added by clicking on the Add New Record button and the following page will display.

Select a School and Career Pathway from the dropdowns. 

The Level field is available to select the pathway level.  The SCTE extract does not pull the level from this field. See the Career Pathways - CALPADS Reporting article for more information on the SCTE extract.

  1. Introductory -- An initial or survey course in a CTE program intended to provide a beginning or introductory level of information about an industry sector or career pathway; the first course in a CTE course sequence
  2. Concentrator -- A CTE course beyond the introductory level that is intended to provide more in-depth instruction in and exploration of a specific industry sector; the second course and succeeding courses of a planned CTE program sequence.
  3. Completer/Capstone -- The final course in a planned sequence of courses for a CTE program that provides a rigorous and intensive culmination of a course of study. Capstone courses are typically offered through regional occupational centers and programs (ROCPs).
  4. Academic Support -- a course not in the pathway but for academic support. This is not a required level to use. Can be informational for students in pathway but for academic classes.

The Year field is optional at this time but can be used to enter the course pathway sequence number (1-3). A Comment field is provided.

Multiple Courses can be linked to one Pathway.  For semester courses, both semesters should be added. 

On the Courses page, on the Other tab, the following fields should be populated for CTE courses:

  • Voc Ed Level – CRS.VCL, which translates to the CALPADS element 9.10 CRS-Course Content Code
    • Values of 01, 02, or 03 will be converted to a “154-CTE” when extracted to CALPADS
  • Course Type – CRS.TY, which translates to the CALPADS element 9.12 CRS-CTE Postsecondary Articulated Course Indicator
    • Values of 32 and 33 will be converted to a “Y” when extracted to CALPADS
      • 32 - Technical Prep (Higher Ed Institutions) - This code is to be used if the articulation is between the Community College and the District. 
      • 33 - Technical Prep and ROC/P (Higher Ed Institutions)  - This code is to be used if the articulation is between the Community College and ROC/P Program.

After the information has been added and saved, the Pathway information will be associated with the students in that course and will also display on the Career Pathways Dashboard.