The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has added two crisis codes for full-time remote learning for the 2021-2022 school year which will be reported with the PEIMS Summer Submission. PEIMS code table (C059) for ADA-ELIGIBILITY-CODE (E0787) was updated to include Code 9 - Enrolled, Not In Membership Due To Virtual Learning

The state is not providing funding for students who engage in full-time remote learning.

  • Crisis Code 10A - On January 14, 2022, student is enrolled, not in membership due to remote learning (ADA-ELIGIBILITY-CODE (E0787) = 9)
  • Crisis Code 10B - On May 13, 2022, student is enrolled, not in membership due to remote learning (ADA-ELIGIBILITY-CODE (E0787) = 9)

Aeries provides tools for assigning the appropriate codes to students, identifying students assigned to each code, and ensuring the data can be reported correctly to the state. 

The following steps must be done for each school.


Add Codes

NOTE: The crisis codes can be added at the district level.

  • Navigate to Update Code Table.

  • Add codes for the new remote learning crisis codes to PGM.CRI.

Assign ADA Eligibility Code

Crisis codes 10A and 10B will be assigned to students who have ADA Eligibility Code 9.  

  • Navigate to Demographics.

  • Set ADA Elig = 9 for full-time remote learning students.

    The following message is displayed:

  • Navigate to Attendance Enrollment.

  • Update the Elig field (ATT.PR) to code 9.
    This automatically updates the student's Elig field (ENR.PR) to code 9 on Enrollment History.

  • Navigate to Enrollment History.

  • Ensure a current record exists where Elig (ENR.PR) = 9.

Assign Crisis Codes

Crisis codes can be mass assigned to all ADA Elig = 9 students, or you can assign crisis codes individually.

Mass Assign Crisis Codes

First run a query to obtain a list of students who have ADA Eligibility code = 9 on the as-of date. Then use the KEEP function to keep those specific students for processing on the Mass Add Student Related Data page. 

  1. Navigate to Query.

  2. Run the following query to obtain a list of active and inactive students with ADA Elig code (ENR.PR) = 9 on the particular as-of date.


    where MM/DD/YYYY = as-of date (01/14/2022 or 05/13/2022)

  3. After running the query, click Keep Students to keep these students in order to assign the appropriate crisis code.

  4. Navigate to Mass Add Student Related Data.

  5. Click Create New, then select PGM for the Target Table.
    • For CD, select Crisis Indicator (404).
    • For PSD use the as-of date (January 14, 2022 or May 13, 2022).
    • For CRI:
      • If PSD = 01/14/2022, select 10A.
      • If PSD = 05/13/2022, select 10B.

  6. Under Students to Update, click Load Students. The KEPT students are listed under Search Results (left).

  7. Click All or select specific students, and then click the right arrow to move the students to the Selected Students list (right).

  8. Click Mass Add Records.
    The student's Special Programs page is updated with a current program for the specified crisis code.

Assign Crisis Codes to Individual Students

  1. Navigate to Special Programs.

  2. Click Add for Current Programs.

    • In the Program Code field, select Crisis Indicator.
    • For Start Date use the as-of date (e.g., 01/14/2022 or 05/13/2022).
    • In the Indicator Code field, select the appropriate crisis code (10A or 10B).

  3. Click Save.