The Scheduled Process allows the user to select a submission and then set up a schedule process to build the interchange files at specific days and times. 

Files generated using the scheduled process will be identical to the files generated when using the Submission Accordion Options to Create Selected Files, provided both processes use the same options. 



State ReportingAdminister

Configurations Defaults  

  • Each submission accordion has its own scheduled process.
  • It is possible to set up a scheduled process for PEIMS, ECDS, Class Roster, RF Tracker, SPPI-14, and SELA submissions at the same time.
  • The Scheduled Process uses the settings from the Submission Accordion options, TSDS/PEIMS Options, Code Translations, Schools and Date fields. 

Scheduled Process Options  

  •  Click on a submission accordion to open the submission options.
  • Click on Configure Scheduled Process to open the scheduled process options popup.
  • New and Previous Settings
    • New Settings are view only and are defaulted from the submission's options currently selected and will be used to create the files.
    • Other Options are view only and are defaulted from the accordion TSDS/PEIMS Options.
      • To change the New Settings, go to the  Submission options on the selected accordion submission.
      • To change the Other Options, go to the TSDS/PEIMS Options accordion.
    • Previous Settings are the settings from the last scheduled process run for the selected submission.
      • These settings are view only, they will be updated when you click Save.
    • If the Scheduled Process has never been run this will be blank.
    • Other Options are read only and are defaulted from the last schedule process run. 
  • Process File Location Options
    • UseFTP
      • Check the UseFTP to setup a designated sftp site for the scheduled process to save the files to.
      • These settings options are district specific. Consult with the district technology support to complete these settings.
      • When a scheduled process is completed, the selected files will be saved to the designated sftp sit
  • UNC Filepath
    • This option allows the district to set up a path to a local drive.
    • This filepath is district specific. Consult with your district technology support to complete this path.
    • When the scheduled process is completed, the files will be saved to the designated path.
  • Status indicates if the scheduled process is enabled or disabled.
    • Click the Enable/Disable Scheduled Process button to update the status.
    • Scheduled processes will only run when the status is set to Enabled.
  • Days to Run Process sets the days the process is to run.
    • Multiple days can be selected.
  • Time sets the time the process will for each day selected.
    • Click on the time piece icon to open the time selection drop down.
    • Times can also be typed in. Enter PM or AM when typing in the time.
      • Format when typing in the time is HH:MM PM or AM.
  • Enter an Email Address to have a message sent after scheduled process is completed. 
  • Last Processed indicates the date/timestamp the process was last run.