A student's Career and Technical Education (CTE) participation indicator can be recorded in Aeries on the Special Programs page using the Program Code and Program Type fields (PGM.CD = 154 and PGM.TY = 4, 5, 6, 7, or E).

For PEIMS reporting, this information is not extracted from the Aeries fields but is calculated by PEIMS programs. The calculated CTE indicator is provided by the TEA in a CSV file which can be imported info Aeries to populate the PGM.CD and PGM.TY fields using the steps below.

For TREx extracts, the student's CTE indicator is extracted from the PGM.CD and PGM.TY fields. Therefore, the TEA-provided data must be imported into Aeries before the TREx export is created.


Table/Content Area
MASSADD  ReadAccess Import Data to Aeries page
InsertImport data to table
Mass UpdateImport data to table


  • On Update Code Table, be sure PGM.CD = 154 exists.


Special Program Details (PGM)PID (PID)Personally Identifiable Information
Prgm Code (CD)Program Code = 154
Program Start Date (PSD)Use the district's start date.
EnterGrade (EG)Grade Level = 06-12
Program Type (TY)CTE Code

NOTE: PGM.TY currently only lists codes 1 and 2, which are outdated values. Codes 4, 5, 6, 7, and E are the current valid values, and they will be corrected in a future Aeries update. Until then, the import will still work.


Adjust Data in TEA Spreadsheet if Needed

Local ID

For some districts, the Local ID column may need to be updated for all students, depending on formatting of the originating data. Verify that the Local ID in the file matches the local ID in Aeries before proceeding.

Duplicate Program Rows

Districts that offer multiple programs of study per student may need to remove rows where Local ID is duplicated. 

  1. Save a backup copy of the spreadsheet before proceeding.
  2. Open the spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel.
  3. In the spreadsheet, press CTRL+A to select all data.
  4. From the Excel Data tab, click Remove Duplicates.
  5. In the Remove Duplicates window: 
    • Click Unselect All.
    • Select Local ID.
    • Click OK.

A message will display the number of rows that were removed.

Save the file.

Import Data from TEA File

Navigate to Imports and Exports > Import Data to Aeries > Import New File

  • 1 - Upload Source File - Locate and select the TEA-provided CSV file which contains the student CTE indicators.

  • 2 - Destination Table - Select PGM - Special Programs.

  • 3 - Mapping and Import - Map the following:

    Aeries Field Name
    Source Column From File
    PIDLocal ID
    CDCustom Value
    PSDCustom Value
    your district's Start Date
    SQAutomatically Assign (default setting)
    TYCTE Code

  • Under Import Options, select all options and click Import XXXXX Rows.

When processing is complete, the student's Program Code and Program Type fields will be updated on the Special Programs page with values from the TEA-provided file. 

The TREx programming changes in Aeries are in progress. Once completed, when the TREx export file is generated, the appropriate values will be extracted from the Program Code and Program Type fields.