The Mass Change All Day Code page has been adjusted to work in a Flex Scheduling school. In a flex school, the CAT table is used to store period Attendance and the ATT table is used to store the All Day Code. This process evaluates these tables along with the Course Attendance table when determining the students meeting the criteria selected.

The Mass Change All Day Code form is used to analyze the period absences and allow the user to update the all day code based on those period absences. The process will change the student’s All Day code to the selected code if the student does not already have an All Day code for the selected date AND meets the minimum number of periods to be absent. 

In the example below, any student who has a minimum of four absences on any one date between 08/10/2020 and 08/28/2020 will now have an "A" in the All Day code field for that date. A date range of no longer than two weeks is recommended.

  • Use this process to change an All Day code to a selected Code based on a designated number of Period Absences
  • Use the Update List button to preview the students who meet the criteria selected.
  • Each student will display the date of the absence, the Student ID#, Last Name, First Name and Periods that have the absences. Selecting the blue Periods hyperlink will open a window to display the period, section and ATT code for the student's absence(s).
  • Use the Update ATT button to apply this process.
  • The Total number of ATT Records to Update will display in the bottom corner.

NOTE: All unverified absences "usually code A" should be managed in the Attendance Management page. These unverified absences will not count towards the Attendance History Truancy count which is used for CALPADS attendance extracts (STAS) and need to be cleaned up.

Note:  This page does not have an option to print the list of students.