The Master Schedule form displays information for each section in the MST table and can be used to update the MST table. Flex Periods and Class Calendars are available to assign to each section as created in the FTF and CCL tables. Course ID is selected from available course numbers in the CRS table and the staff member assigned is from the STF table.

The following fields will be hidden from the form when the Flex Scheduling feature is enabled.

  • Period
  • Block
  • Split Term
  • Days ( M, T, W, Th, F)
  • Teacher ( #1, #2 #3 )
  • HQ (#1, #2, #3)

Add Sections in Master Schedule

To add sections, click the Add button. The next available section number will be assigned but can be changed before the record is saved. It will normally default to the next highest section number. The options available under Flex Period and Class Calendar will be records assigned to the current academic year.

Enter the selections for semester, flex period, class calendar, course number, room, credit, group fields, tag, track, program and maximum students, where appropriate. When complete, click Insert. The class will be added to the MST table.

Add Section Staff Members in Master Schedule

Section staff members will be added from the staff table (STF) and not the TCH table. To add a staff member, click the Add New record button. 

Search for the staff member by staff id or name. Staff members with their primary school assigned to the current school will display without the need for a Teacher record. In cases where the required staff member's primary school is a different school in the district, a teacher record is required in the current school which must be linked to the Staff ID in order for the search to find it.

All sections must have a primary teacher selected otherwise a warning message will display as shown below.

Primary School - This field will auto populate based on the primary school assigned on the staff demographic record.

Primary Teacher - Check this box if the staff member added will be the primary teacher of record. (Value of Yes or No)

Staff Role - Choose the correct code that describes the staff member's job role.

Attendance Prm - Planned feature for Attendance Permissions. No logic currently programmed. 

Gradebook Prm - Planned feature for Gradebook Permissions. No logic currently programmed.

Grade Reporting - Planned feature for Grade Reporting.  No logic currently programmed.

Stu Access - Planned feature for Student Access. No logic currently programmed.

State Rpt - Planned feature for State Reporting. No logic currently programmed.

Start Date - Planned feature for Staff Start Date.  No logic currently programmed.

End Date - Planned feature for Staff End Date.  No logic currently programmed.

Status - Codes can be added using the COD table to describe active and inactive status.

Click on the Save icon to save the record. 

Additional staff members can be added to the section by repeating this process. Only one primary teacher per section is allowed.

Note: Staff member names cannot be edited, you must delete the record and add a record for a new staff member.

Change Sections in Master Schedule

To update any information about the class currently displayed, click the Change button and make any necessary changes. Click Update to complete your change. Currently, The semester field and the course field are locked from making changes.

Delete Sections in Master Schedule

The Delete button is used to delete unused sections from the Master Schedule. A section to be deleted should not have any students assigned. Select the correct section to be deleted and click the Delete button. A message will display verifying the deletion of this section. Click the OK button to delete the class. Run the copy section process to create a duplicate section and then move the students if needed.

The delete process will also delete the section staff members assigned to the section. 

Copy Sections in Master Schedule

The Copy button on the bottom of the form is used to create a new section by copying a section already set up in the Master Schedule. Select the section to be copied. Click the Copy button.

A message will display verifying this section will be copied into a new section. Click the OK button and the following selection box will display if students are assigned to this class. Select the appropriate option and click the OK button to continue or the Cancel button to cancel the Copy process.

All information will be copied except for the Flex Period and Class Calendar. Select the new Flex Period and Class Calendar. The section number will be auto-assigned. Change any other information and click Insert. A NEW section will now be added to the Master Schedule. Add the Section Staff Members to complete the record.