CRSE extracts in flex school or section staff schools have slightly different logic for extracting Team Teaching, Job Sharing or Itinerant Teachers compared to regular scheduling. The difference is that in regular scheduling, the TCH table is used where as in Flex School or school using Section Staff the SSE table is used instead.


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State ReportingAdministerIn order to extract files for CALPADS, this permission must be granted.


Flex Schools use Section Staff (SSE table) and in order for teachers to be included in the CRSE extract file, the SSE.STR State Rpt field must be set to Yes. Primary Teachers will automatically be counted as Yes. By default, if nothing is populated in this field, the field will be given a *Yes automatically. If a teacher will not be included that is associated to the section, an explicit No is needed in the State Rpt field. The extract takes into consideration if a teacher has a Start Date or End Date in the Section Staff record. If the End Date for the record is prior to Census Date, the record will not be extracted. If the teacher has a Start Date after Census Day, the record will not be extracted.

Some key areas to consider when a teacher is extracted that will impact the extract file:

  • Are there students in the class according to CAR on Census Day?
  • Start Date and End Date fields affect the CRSE extract and are considered in the logic when extracting Staff members
    • If a record should not be included in the extract for a teacher, a leave date is required prior to the Census Date
    • If a section is closed prior to Census Day, the staff member(s) need End Date(s) in order to not be included in the extract.
    • Inactive Status fields in MST and SSE are not used when excluding CRSE records
  • Is the Staff Table populated with SEID, Hire Date or position status?
  • Has the STJ Job Assignment been populated?

NOTE: For Flex and Section Staff Schools, the TCH table is not used and therefore, TCH.MTS does not get populated.

Job Sharing  

When a school has classes who have multiple teachers assigned to the class and those teachers need to be submitted to CALPADS in the CRSE file, the MST.MTS field must be populated with the appropriate code depending on the type of scenario for the class.

Team Teaching (code 1) and Job Sharing (code 2) must exist in the code table and be translated in CALPADS Code Translations. It is also necessary to add code 09 - No Multi-Teacher code for sections that have multiple teachers but are not reported as job sharing or team teaching.

Any staff record with the State Rpt field populated with 'Yes' and are active on Census Day will be included in the CRSE extract. 

Itinerant Teachers  

If a District is reporting their itinerant teachers in the CRSE file, these itinerant teachers need to be tagged in the Master Schedule (MST) table. Associate the teacher(s) to the section using the Section Staff Members area. Populate the MST.IT (Itinerant Teacher) field with a Y-Yes.

The Section Staff Members area known as the Section Staff (SSE) table is used when identifying Itinerant Teachers that are linked to sections. These sections generally have no students enrolled. When adding Itinerant Teachers to the Section Staff table, these teachers need to have the Primary Teacher field set to No for all associated teachers. This is important for the Itinerant Teachers to extract properly. The State Rpt field must be set to Yes for all teachers being reported.

When extracted, the record will display an IT in the field which is used for internal Aeries purposes and does not impact the extract in any way.

NOTE: For Itinerant Teacher sections, the Primary Teacher flag needs to be set to No and State Rpt set to Yes.


Master Schedule Table (MST)Multi Teacher Field (MTS)To flag a team teaching or job sharing class
Master Schedule Table (MST)Itinerant Teacher (IT)To flag an itinerant teacher tag for a class
Section Staff Members (SSE)State Reporting (STR)To flag a teacher to report to CALPADS
Staff Table (STF)All fieldsStaff members must be active in STF and certain fields must exist in order for the CRSE extract to include those staff members; For example, SEID, hire date
Job Assignment (STJ)Assignment code and start dateA valid job assignment must be populated in order for a teacher to be extracted. Start Dates are also considered when the extract is run.

For more information on CRSE extracts, see Cross Reference By Extract documentation.