If the CCGI Extract had been run in the Aeries Client version, then many of the Basic Info fields will be pre-populated, otherwise these field will need to be completed. 

Review/update the fields in the Basic Info tab. 

School Info

Enter an Administrative contact and Technical Contact along with their phone number and email. 

CCGI Extract - Basic Info - School Info

Parental Consent

Select the table, field and value to indicate Parental Consent. Parental Authorization MUST be received and flagged in a field in STU, SUP or the AUT tables prior to generating the CCGI extract in order for students to have any transcript or testing data loaded to their CalColleges.edu portfolio.  The following areas can be used to flag Parental Consent:

  • Fields in the Student Data (STU) table, 
  • Fields in the Supplemental Data (SUP) table
  • The Code (CD) field in the Authorizations (AUT) table. For proper evaluation of the Authorization (AUT) records the Code (CD) field needs to be evaluated for Parental Consent. The system will check the Status (ST) field to determine if the consent is "Granted" or "Denied" and it will also check the Status Date (SDT) and End Date (EED) to determine if the record is active when the extract is run. If the Status Date (SDT) is empty the system will use the Date (DT) and End Date (EED) fields. For more information on the Authorizations page please refer to the Authorizations, Prohibitions and Waivers article. 

CCGI Extract - Basic Info - Parental Consent

GPA and Options

Select the type of GPA that will be included in the extract for all of the schools selected in the CCGI>Schools tab. It is very important to Recompute the GPA/Class Ranks prior to creating a new set of extract files. 

CCGI Extract - Basic Info - GPA and Options

A progress bar will display while the GPA's are being recomputed. There is an option to Continue Process in Background, however,  during the recompute process the CCGI>Files>Create Export Files button is not available. It will become available again after the recompute has finished.

CCGI Extract - Basic Info - Recompute GPA/Class Ranks progress bar

Select whether or not to include Work in Progress records for the students' current classes. If work in progress records will be included, then select which terms will be identified as work in progress. All terms need to be mapped to the appropriate CCGI-defined term.

CCGI Extract - Basic Info - Work in Progress

NOTE: The terms will change depending on the time of year that the extract is created. For example, in the beginning of the year before Fall grades are saved to transcripts all terms should be selected to be included as Work in Progress and the Term Y classes should be mapped as F - (only) term in a Full Calendar. During Spring term after Fall grades have already been added to the transcripts only the quarter 3, 4, Spring and Year-long term classes would be included as Work in Progress (see above screenshot) and the Term Y classes would be mapped to S2 - 2nd term in a Semester calendar. At the end of the school year when both Fall and Spring term grades have been added to the transcripts no classes would be included as Work in Progress. 


The Terms area includes all of the terms that are included in the transcript (HIS) records. Each term must be mapped to the CCGI-defined term value.

CCGI Extract - Basic Info - Terms

Once all fields have been reviewed/updated click on the Save School Options button.