The Verify Students to Extract tab will provide a list of students that will be included in the StudentTemplate, CourseGradeTemplate and TestTemplate extract files. 

The Refresh Student Grid button will refresh the list of students.

The filters at the top of the columns can be used to limit the list of students to aid in searching for a student or verifying the list of students. 

All students in the list will be included in the StudentTemplate extract regardless of the Consent flag. However, only students with a check will have transcript records included in the CourseGradeTemplate or test scores included in the TestTemplate.

To include a student's transcript and test records that does not have parental consent, click on the checkbox to the left of the consent column. In the below example Jessica Abney's transcript and test records will be included in the extract even though the parental consent flag is False.

After the list of student has been reviewed click on the Next button to continue.

NOTE:  If there are no students that have Parental Consent, then check the Parental Consent settings on the Basic Info tab to make sure it is set up correctly. If the Authorizations (AUT) table is being used for the Parental Consent flag make sure that the date the extract is being run is within the AUT dates.  See the CCGI - Supporting Pages and Tables document for more information regarding the Demographics, Supplemental and Authorizations tables.
The result of no students having Parental Consent is that the TestGrade Template and CourseGrade Template files will not be created during the extract process.