The Files tab allows you to create or download the CCGI extract files.

Click on the Create Export Files button to create the new CCGI extract files. 

While the system is creating the files a Processing message will display

Once completed, the new files will display in the File Download list. 

Each time the Create Export Files process is run five CCGI extract files are created: 

  • ManifestTemplate - a listing of the files included in the extract
  • CourseGradeTemplate - transcript records
  • TestTemplate - college entrance test records
  • StudentTemplate - student demographic information
  • CourseCatalog - course data information

Click on the Download button next to the export files to download the files. 

The downloaded files can then be imported as they are into CCGI's secure FTP site. There is no need to copy and paste the data into a new template file, the files can be used in their original state. Also, the files are named using CCGI's naming convention: DistrictName_FileTypeTemplate_YYYYMMDD.csv (for example, EagleUnifiedSchoolDistrict_StudentTemplate_20200226). Please do not rename the file before uploading it to CCGI.

Please contact CCGI for any questions on how to access or upload the files to their site.