The Schools tab is the first tab that opens when selecting the CCGI Extract. The list of schools includes any schools that contain grades 6 - 12. If the College Board School Code field is populated in the School Options page (LOC.CBC), then it will be displayed, otherwise a link to the School Options page is provided so that the CEEB/ATP code can be entered into the College Board School Code field. 

All high schools should have a valid College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB/ATP) code in the College Board School Code field. Middle and elementary schools can have '111111' entered in this field. Please see the CCGI Supporting Pages and Tables document for more information regarding the CEEB/ATP code.

Select the school(s) that will be include in the CCGI extract by clicking in the box to the left of the school number. 

CCGI Extract - Schools tab

Click on the Next button to continue to the Basic Info tab.

NOTE: Only schools with values in the College Board School Code can be selected.