Session Description

See how schools are building dynamic dashboards using Aeries Analytics™ to monitor at-risk students and develop common counseling curriculum. This session will demonstrate how school districts are using Aeries Analytics™ to monitor and track student success with great results. See how school staff are using Aeries Analytics™ to identify at-risk students and using this data to develop common counseling curriculum around academic/college/career and social/emotional development for all students.

Session Content

  • A review of several "case scenarios" of current district uses of Aeries Analytics dashboards. 
  • An overview of the newest Aeries Analytics item type - Career and College Indicator measures. 
  • How to use Extended Fields to combine the power of Aeries Analytics item definitions and Aeries Query. 
  • As time allows, the session will conclude with a roundtable discussion about how attendees are using Aeries Analytics in their districts. 


Aeries Analytics Data Analysis
Dynamic Student Groups

Extended Query Fields