Session Description

This session will delve deeper into how to set up and configure advanced Analytics Items and Dashboards. If you've been using Aeries Analytics and want to learn how to use it more effectively, this session will give you more ideas and techniques to track and improve student achievement. New Aeries Analytics Features that streamline the process of creating Dashboard Items and Dashboards will be demonstrated. 

Session Content

  • Identifying the types of student data available to analyze using Aeries Analytics
  • Understanding the setup of various Item Definition types and how to use the copy option to create additional Item Definitions
  • Delineating Item Definition Thresholds
  • Defining Early Warning System Indicators and point values
  • Creating Label Layouts for various Item Definitions
  • Creating Sub-groups based on Item Definition Thresholds
  • Nightly and manual updating of Indicator Data
  • Creating various types of Dashboard Items
  • Displaying Dashboard Items on Analytics Dashboards
  • How to share Dashboards with user groups
  • Accessing and Navigating Dashboards
  • Filtering Dashboards by School, Grade or Subgroup
  • Identifying student data sets
  • Exporting Analytics charts or data
  • Using Watch lists to identify at-risk students
  • Viewing and understanding Student Indicator Details


Aeries Analytics Data Analysis

Using the Assessment Data

Aeries Analytics Videos