Session Description

In “Aeries Analytics™ Best Practices Case Studies Round Table”, participants delve into the world of Aeries Analytics™ and discover how school districts are effectively utilizing this powerful tool to monitor and track student success. Through a series of real-life case studies, attendees will witness firsthand how school staff are leveraging Aeries Analytics™ to identify at-risk students and implement targeted intervention strategies.  

Session Content

In this session, participants will:  

  • Discuss real-life case studies to understand how Aeries Analytics™ is being used by school staff to identify at-risk students and implement targeted intervention strategies 

  • Develop best practices to enhance student outcomes in educational settings 

  • Explore the effectiveness of utilizing Aeries Analytics™ to develop a common counseling curriculum that addresses academic, college, career goals, and social-emotional development for all students 

  • Propose strategies for leveraging Aeries Analytics™ to enhance student success based on insights gained from round table discussions 

  • Interpret and utilize data from Aeries Analytics™ to make informed decisions and recommendations for improving student performance and progress 


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