The following information was taken from the California Department of Education Physical Fitness Testing (PFT) site

"The 2023–24 physical fitness test (PFT) is to be administered between February 1 and May 31, 2024, in accordance with the 2021–22 changes noted below.

Administration and data reporting requirements of the PFT:

  • Administration
    • Body Composition component is no longer required
    • The reporting of student performance using the Healthy Fitness Zones are not required
  • Reporting
    • Schools are not required to collect or use height and weight, including body mass index, for data reporting
    • Schools are not required to collect or use gender for data reporting
    • Schools are not required to collect or use age for data reporting
    • Student participation (by component, by grade) shall be reported in the LEA’s annual School Accountability Report Card (SARC)"

The Physical Fitness files from the 2017-18 administration and forward can be imported using the Import Test Results page in Aeries Web.

Please review the Import Test Results articles for general information on how to import test results and the Test Specific Information - Physical Fitness article for detailed information on importing Physical Fitness Test results.

If you need to import Physical Fitness data files from testing administrations prior to 2017-18 you will need to use the Import Fixed Length Files form in Aeries Client. Please see the Import Physical Fitness Files - Client article for instruction on how to import these older data files.


NOTE: The logic to auto-calculate VO2max has been disabled when Aerobic Capacity is flagged for PACER and the Test Date is on or after Nov 1, 2013. 


The VO2Max is a proprietary calculation for only the PACER. We are permitted to calculate the VO2Maxfor the Mile Run and the Walk Test. The auto-calculate of the VO2Max and the Recalculate VO2Max function were both updated to not calculate for the PACER tests. The auto-calculate of the VO2Max uses the Aerobic Capacity test that is flagged as either Mile Run (PFT.AC = 2) or Walk Test (PFT.AC = 3). 


*If the teachers (TeacherPFT.aspx) first enters a PACER score, it sets PFT.AC = 1 and VO2Max is not updated. Then if the teacher enters a Mile Run or Walk Test score, the system does not update the PFT.AC value because the PACER has been determined to be the "main" Aerobic Capacity test, so VO2Max is still not recalculated.


During the PFT Webinar held on January 25th, 2023, the California Department of Education (CDE) clarified certain aspects related to the Physical Fitness Test (PFT). Here are the key points:

Parental Reporting:

  • LEAs (Local Educational Agencies) are not mandated to provide PFT pass/not pass results or information about “Healthy Fitness Zones” to parents.
  • However, they must share the raw scores with the students.

Local Decision:

  • Whether or not to report PFT scores to parents is left to the discretion of each LEA.
  • It is considered an LEA’s local decision.

For further details, you can refer to item 6 under PFT Data in the CDE’s Physical Fitness FAQ page


In testing administrations prior to COVID the PFT data would be exported from Aeries and uploaded into the CDE PFT site where the pass/not pass statuses would be calculated by CDE. Once completed, CDE would then send a data file back to the districts with the pass/not pass statuses that LEAs would reimport into Aeries so that they could send reports to the parents. Since CDE is no longer collecting the raw score data they are not able to provide the pass/not pass results back to the LEAs.