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The Import Test Results page includes the file layouts for the 2017-18 and forward testing administrations of the Physical Fitness Test. These file layouts are for the scored fitness test results that can be downloaded from the state testing vendor, SJCOE. Their website is: California Physical Fitness Test (PFT). The student results file from SJCOE only contains test scores and the Passed/Not Passed flags for grades 5, 7 and 9. If the district also tested and recorded within Aeries other grade levels, such as 10th grade, they will have the raw fitness scores in Aeries for grade 10 but the Passed/Not Passed flag will need to be hand calculated and entered into the Physical Fitness form. 

Select the appropriate file layout to import the Physical Fitness Student Scored data file. When deciding which year file layout to use, first select the file layout that was in effect when the data was downloaded. If the data does not import using that file layout, then try using the file layout for the year the assessment was administered. In the below example the PFT Test Results - SY:2017/18 - 2018-19 file layout was selected in order to import the 2018-19 Physical Fitness score data. 

Import Test Results - Select the file layout

The Physical Fitness Student Scored data file is a tab-delimited text file with a .txt extension. Select the file and click on Open. Then continue to load and match the records. 

Import Test Results - Select the data file

The Default Date for the Physical Fitness Test Results is the oldest date in the data file. The Testing Administration for the Test Results is SPRGXX where XX is the end of the school year for the data being imported (ex. 2018-19 test results would have a SPRG19 Testing Administration).  NOTE: We do not recommend updating the Default Date or Testing Administration, especially when import test records from prior administrations.

Import Test Results - Default Date and Testing Administration

The Student State ID is the primary identification in the Physical Fitness Student Score data files. It should be the first method used for matching students. 

Import Test Results - Match Options

The Physical Fitness Results import has an additional option available prior to importing the records. Checking the If Scores Exist, Only Load Pass Flags option will only update the Physical Fitness Test Pass Flags, the existing fitness scores will not be updated. This will preserve any values that have been entered into Aeries including those that are above the State maximum. Leaving this option unchecked will instruct the import process to copy the scores from the file as well as the Pass Flags. The fitness scores in Aeries will be overwritten with the scores in the file.  After making the appropriate selection for this option click on the Update Test Tables button to import the data into Aeries.

Import Test Results - Physical Fitness Update - Only Load Pass Flags option

The Physical Fitness Test Results import will add/update records to the Physical Fitness (PFT) table and will also add/update records for the appropriate grade level in the Testing Pass Status (TPS) table.

After the import process has completed an email with summary information will be sent to the user that initiated the import. 

Import Test Results - Completion email