The 2016-17 through 2019-20 ACT Test Results can only be imported from the Import Test Results page in the Aeries Web Version. It will not be able to be imported from Aeries Client Version.

Select the ACT Test Results - SY:2016/17 - 2019/20 file layout to import the 2016-17 through 2019-20 ACT Test Results.

Layout Selection box

The Import Test Results page has been programmed to import only the fixed length (.txt) file.

Using the Select Files to Load button, navigate to the ACT Test Results data file and select it. Click on the Load button to load the students.

The Default Date for the ACT Test Results is the oldest date in the data file in the format mm/01/yyyy. The Testing Administration will display 20xx where xx is the year in the file.

File Specifications

The Student Name and birth date is usually the primary identification in the ACT Test Results data files. It should be the first method used for matching students. However some ACT Student Results files may also include the Student's State ID and that can also be used for matching.

Match Optoins

The ACT Test Results import will add/update records to the College Entrance Test (CTS), table. After the import process has completed an email with summary information will be sent to the user that initiated the import.

The ACT test results can be viewed in the ACT tab of the College Entrance Tests page.

College Entrance Tests

The Print button will bring up a selection of tests that can be printed for the student. Selecting the ACT test will produce the following report:

College Entrance Tests Report-One Student

The same report can be run for all students in a school from View All Reports | College Entrance Tests. This report is only available at the School level, it cannot be run from the District.

College Entrance Test Report-Many Students