Set Up Physical Fitness Letters and Print to Parents

The Physical Fitness Letter to Parents can be found in View All Reports.

After the Physical Fitness Letters to Parents is selected the following Options will display.  The Current Testing Administration field will default to the current Testing Admin.  To select a different testing administration click on the drop down and select it. A Grade dropdown is also available to limit the letters to a specific grade level or ALL grades.

The Report Options tab will display the different Physical Fitness Test parts and the selected options will print on the Physical Fitness Letters. Any test that is grayed out and cannot be selected has not been set up for the Testing Administration on the Physical Fitness Setup form.

The Report Options tab contains the following additional options: 

  • Only Print Tests Student Took will print letters for students with only the results for specific tests the student took. If the option is selected, the categories and tests will no longer display on the Report Options screen.
  • Categories Tested Outside Current Testing Admin can only be selected when Only Print Tests Student Took and Print Category is selected.  This option will print all categories the student has taken in current and previous administrations
  • Overall Test Status will print the students Overall Test Results of Passed or Not Passed

The Print Options tab also displays various options available when printing these letters. These options must be selected prior to printing.  The Print Options tab contains the following options: 

  • Return Address – District, School or None
  • Whether or not to include the school/district name
  • Whether or not to include the school/district telephone
  • Select to print for double window envelopes with option to Center Student Address
  • Uppercase Address for both addresses
  • Select to Print the Student’s name
  • Print letter to Contact
  • Include Inactive students
  • Print the date on the left, center, right or no date at all

The Letter Editor will allow the Physical Fitness Letter to display and can be updated prior to printing. Click on the button for the Letter Editor at the bottom of the form and the following form will display.

This form will only display the Physical Fitness letter and can only be used to change and update this letter.  After the letter is complete click on the Run Report button. The following letter will be generated to parents indicating how their student performed during the Physical Fitness Testing process.

Each category selected to print will display in the Category column.  The Test Date, Test Name and Test Score will display.  The Test Status column signifies whether or not a student has passed the Physical Fitness Category.  The Overall Status will indicate whether or not a student has passed 5 out of 6 categories that will include prior tests.